Since the foundation until today, we, YURI Holdings, have been specialized in electronic component manufacturing. In producing high reliability electronic components under the strict quality control system, we have leveraged our technical progress and manufacturing capability.

Our expansion resonates with the booming electronic device industry. In the mission of providing our clients with a complete manufacturing package, we have added automation machines and printed circuit boards production into our business domain. Our manufactuirng system, vertically integrating design, machining, and assembly, each with experienced craftmanship, will ensure a critical advantage for our clients. We also pride in our flexibility and efficiency to cope with small lot variety production.

Our challenge for a "complete package" is continuing, Automotive, aircraft, and medical market are our new operational fields. We provide clients with proactive service while ensuring strict quality standards and traceability for every product.


A front runner in blooming electronics manufacturing industry.
The world class production technology and strict quality control system.

Although not visible from exterior, capacitors are indispensable components of electronic circuits, and are likely to be embedded in all the electronic devices of everyday use. Capacitors function to make an ordinary day just as "ordinary".
Yurikogyo Co., Ltd. produces a type capacitor called MLCC (Multi-layered Ceramic Capacitor). Yurikogyo delivers capacitors that are processed under strictly controlled production environment to the defined quality criteria, and delivers quality and reliability to everyday life.

Taking one step further.
Total package for factory automation for customer’ s distinctive advantages.

Machines used for advanced manufacturing of semiconductor, automotive electronic components, medical components, and high precision electronic components are developed at Akitaseiko Co., Ltd.
Akitaseiko is capable of providing the total package for machine development including: designing, parts machining, assembly, tuning, installation and integration into a production line.

From sophisticated device to mass production components.
One stop solution with attentive support.

Designing and producing printed circuit boards are specialties of Yokoteseiko Co., Ltd. The products find wide range of applications including automotive, medical devices, and security and IoT related technologies.
The core strengths of Yokoteseiko are flexibility in production line construction and the ability to complete all the manufacturing steps in-house. Taking from scratch to finish or just contracting a single process, mass volume production or low volume high mix production, Yokoteseiko can accommodate wide spectrum of customer needs with the optimal line arrangement for production.

Behind-the-scenes of comfortable and convenient society.
Supporting cleanliness needs of semi-conductor manufacturing equipment.

Parts of semiconductor manufacturing apparatus are the objects of precision cleaning at Yurikogyo Co., Ltd. Contaminants and micro-particles that have deposited during semiconductor micro fabrication processes are selectively removed from the parts surfaces.
Cleaning is performed under strictly controlled clean environment while taking every possible care to protect the cleaning object from chemical damage. Precision cleaning will reinstate original performance of parts and prolong their lifetime, and customers will see the benefit of improved QCD.

Battery testing service,
indispensable for “Energy storage” and sustainable society.

Yuridenshibuhin Co., Ltd. provides battery (primary lithium join battery) testing service to battery manufacturers and automobile manufactures. Understanding the diversified testing needs of customers, testing is performed under the optimal conditions suitable for the purpose.
Performance characteristics such as capacity, input/output characteristics, and charge/discharge efficiency are accurately measured, evaluated, and reported.

We do tailoring of your design ideas.
Your engineers can have more time, yielding better results.

Akitaseiko Co., Ltd. will substitute for your engineers of the time-consuming tasks of converting hand drawn sketches or design concept into concrete design data in desired format, and will bring life to your design ideas.
We can also help to convert the obsolete 2D design data into 3D design data, enhancing applicability.

Society, safe and secure.
Providing production service for high reliability test reagent.

Contributing to safety and security of people’s everyday life through reliable reagent production, Yokoteseiko Co., Ltd. takes pride in its exceptional operation and satisfies global quality standards including ISO13485.
Utilizing experience in EMS production for satisfying large spectrum of quality requirements, Yokoteseiko is aiming for more efficient and more flexible production service.


Company nameYurikogyo Co., Ltd.
EstablishmentSep. 6, 1955
Capital50 million JPY
RepresentativeTetsuo SUDA
Address2-659 Shinmichishita Numata Nishime-machi, Yurihonjo, Akita 018-0604, Japan
Business Area・Electronic Components Manufacturing Business
・Precision Cleaning
CertificationISO14001 , ISO9001 , ISO45001 , IATF16949

Company nameAkitaseiko Co., Ltd.
EstablishmentJan. 1, 1976
Capital60 million JPY
RepresentativeHiroo SUDA
Address572-2 Shinmichishita Numata Nishime-machi Yurihonjo, Akita, 018-0604 Japan
Business Area・Machining and Production of Manufacturing Equipment
・3D Design Development Service

Company nameYokoteseiko Co., Ltd.
EstablishmentSep. 10, 1981
Capital80 million JPY
RepresentativeHiroo SUDA
Address10-18 Minami-Goshono Yasumoto Yokote-City, Akita 013-0811 Japan
Business Area・EMS and Surface Mounting
・Equipment manufacturing
・Reagent Packaging Business
CertificationISO14001 , ISO9001 , ISO13485

Company nameYuridenshibuhin Co., Ltd.
EstablishmentOct 1, 1991
Capital40 million JPY
RepresentativeMamoru MASAKA
Address64 Otsuki Tomaki, Daisen, Akita, 014-0044, Japan
Business AreaRechargeable Battery Testing Service

Company nameSeiko Industry Vietnam Co., Ltd.
EstablishmentOct. 17, 2012
RepresentativeHitoshi Ikeda
AddressPlot E-4 Thang Long Industrial Park Ⅱ, Yen My District, Hung Yen Province, Vietnam
Business AreaMachining, Jig manufacturing
CertificationISO9001 , ISO14001


Company nameYURI Holdings Co., Ltd.
EstablishmentApr. 1, 2015
Capital90 million JPY
RepresentativeTetsuo SUDA
Address2-659 Shinmichishita Numata Nishime-machi, Yurihonjo, Akita 018-0604, Japan
No. of EmployeesThe whole group: about 1200